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Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas
The wording that goes inside your wedding invitations is personal to you. Therefore when ordering personalised wedding invitations from Special Day Invitations you can choose whatever wording you want to go inside your wedding invitations. However traditionally certain conventions have been followed and some fairly standard wedding invitation wording has developed over time. To help you to decide exactly what wording you would like to have inside your wedding invitations we have developed some standard wedding invitation wording examples. The wedding invitation examples can be viewed either on our Blog or you can download PDF documents containing the entire collection.

Wedding invite wording need not be complicated and you certainly shouldn't feel daunted by the need to write it. There are a few simple conventions to follow depending upon whether you are looking for formal wedding invitation wording or rather more informal wedding invitation wording. Either way the wording will normally differ depending upon whether the bride and groom are hosting the wedding or it is being hosted by one or both sets of parents. Whatever you situation however we will have some wording examples and templates for you to use for your wedding invite wording. Follow the links below to lots of examples of wedding stationery wording:

Evening Invitation Wording
A collection of sample wording for your evening guest invitations
Day Invitation Wording
A collection of sample wording for your daytime guest invitations
Reply / R.S.V.P. Card Wording
A selection of wording examples for your reply cards
Thank You Cards
Suggested wording for your personalised thank you cards
Order of Service Examples
Some order of service example layouts and information
Save The Date Cards
A few wording examples for save the cards and/or magnets
Wedding Menu Examples
Some wedding menu example layouts and information

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The invitations you are considering ordering are YOUR invitations. The wording examples given above are intended to HELP you set out your wedding invitation wording. They are not intended to be prescriptive and our view is that you should have whatever wording YOU want on your wedding invitations. We are here to advise if you want, but otherwise, choose whatever wording you like. It's YOUR wedding after all!

We have helped over 10,000 couples with their wedding stationery in the 6-7 years that we have been producing wedding stationery so we have lots of experience helping couples with their wording. Our firm belief is that the wording is personal to you and should reflect your situation and outlook. So please do not feel constrained by any of the example wording given above. It is designed to help, not to preach!

The wedding invitation wording examples have been constructed by Gary Trotter, one of the directors of DigiPrint Graphics Limited, why not get in touch with Gary on